Adventure Travel

8-day Spitsbergen Cruise Vacation

Realm of the Polar Bear
Owners with Premier or Premier Plus status can enjoy an 8-day Spitsbergen cruise for an up-close view the dramatic landscape and amazing wildlife of Norway – by ship, on foot and via Zodiac. Spend time on deck spotting polar bears and whales, cruise through breathtaking fjords and admire massive glaciers, experience the midnight sun and learn from expert guides. And, if you're feeling brave, take a polar plunge in icy Arctic waters!

11-day Antarctica Adventure Cruise

Antarctica Classic
For Owners with Premier or Premier Plus status, the unforgettable beauty of the world's least traveled continent awaits. This special 11-day adventure cruise package includes 9 nights at sea, plus Zodiac excursions with an expert expedition team. Witness albatross, whales, rookeries of penguins and stunning landscapes of vivid emerald, violet tints, intense blue and crimson light that few have ever witnessed.

Eligibility criteria for Premier or Premier Plus status and the criteria to maintain such status are subject to change.

For details about these winter vacation experiences, you can request information or call 800-307-7312.

Adventure Travel If adventure travel excites you, then jump aboard cruise to Norway or Antarctica. Witness albatross, whales, penguins and stunning landscapes that few have ever seen.